Happy Xmas to everyone

What a busy time of year this is. Painting can get a bit squeezed, but nevertheless I’m managing to sort out various applications for events next year, whilst producing a bit of new work. Really delighted to have 2 pieces of work accepted by the RBSA for their Friends exhibtion starting in January, Last year I had one accepted .. so really pleased to have got 2 relatively large pieces accepted.this year, I’m also really delighted to be the featured artist for some art workshops being offered to both adults and children at the Brewhouse in Burton http://www.brewhouse.co.uk/. I’m going to be contributing so we should have lots of fun. The attendees are going to try to paint some ‘contemporary’ interpretations of local buildings so very much up my street!

Here’s one of my latest works ‘The Overseer’, one of the ones selected by the RBSA.

Contemporary art for sale. Oil painting inspired by streets and spires of Lichfield.