Steph Trethowan Contemporary Artist from the Midlands working on one of her paintings

Steph Trethowan

I’m a contemporary artist based in the Midlands in the UK. I paint in oil and am drawn to using colour to convey my relationship to my subject. My work is influenced by post impressionism, in particular fauvism and expressionism. My subjects are often drawn from the natural world. My work has been shaped and influenced by artists such as Matisse, Kirschner and Vlaminck… (read more)

Welcome to my Gallery

I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery. For me painting is both a source of joy and vehicle for emotional expression. I rarely paint using conventional perspective or realistic colour,  preferring instead to abstract aspects of what I observe to reflect my inner experience of my subject. Locations that particularly inspire me include North Yorkshire, the Dark Peak of Derbyshire, the Welsh Borders as well as the urban and rural settings  near my home.