Workshops over – Sutton Coldfield Art Society coming soon

I’ve finished contributing to some workshops focusing on my style of work at the Brewhouse. I was involved in two groups – one for children – one for women. We had a lot of fun. I so enjoyed helping people develop their work and everyone produced so much fabulous work.

Here’s a couple of sketches I played with over the course of the workshop.

The RBSA Friends exhibition is finished and I’m busy prepping now for my visit to Sutton Coldfield Arts Society. I’ve never demonstrated to an Arts Society before and they look as though they have members who produce wonderful work. I’ll be deciding over the next few days what I’ll be demonstrating!

I’ve recently joined Banks Mill Studios as a member. Based in Derby, it looks to be a really exciting community and already I’ve found out about lots of opportunities. I’ll keep you posted on various events that happens there eg open studios in November!