Brewhouse exhibition

I’m really busy finishing off work and prepping for my solo exhibition at the Brewhouse in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire. I’m really excited to be back at the Brewhouse for the second time ..last time I sold almost all of my paintings and had so much fun talking about my work with a huge number of people, especially at the Preview night. The exhibition runs from 8th July to 7th August and the Preview night is on Wednesday 13th July 6 pm – 8.30 pm. I will be there so if you can, do pop along and say hello. The bar will be open all night…!

Burton on Trent is the closest town to where I live, so its great to be able to have a local show so close to home. The pandemic closed off so many possibilities to exhibit, so this is a valued opportunity to showcase some of my ’pandemic’ work. The preview will provide a much missed opportunity to share a drink and talk to people who like and are interested in art.

Some of my work is of places close to Burton on Trent. I am a keen walker and some of our local paths have provided inspiration. Trees by the Trent .

Brewhouse exhibition post.

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