Derbyshire Open Arts

Tomorrow I’m setting up for my first time exhibiting at the Gasworks Sudbury http://gasworks sudbury with Derbyshire Open Arts . . I’m very excited to be exhibiting alongside 13 other artists. The Gasworks is in School Lane .. here’s a photo of the newly restored venue. It’s a fabulous place to exhibit. Looking forward to seeing people on the trail, visitors to Sudbury, past customers, friends and family.

Prep has meant little time to paint, but I’ve managed to finish off a still life inspired by the palette used on an Anne Redpath painting. Here it is.

I’ve also managed to produce some limited edition prints for the exhibition and gained my first sale! Thank you to my buyer from Kent. 1/100 of Streets and Spires

Thanks also to Art4Site for producing the giclee prints; they are great quality.